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This exquisite hand-painted lace and chiffon silk coat is the perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe. The intricate lace and chiffon fabric is hand-dyed and beautifully crafted, making it a unique and luxurious piece for any occasion. The metallic paints used on the front of the trim add a touch of shimmer and elegance to the coat, and the antique button embellishment adds a vintage and sophisticated touch. The lightweight and breathable silk cotton fabric makes it a versatile and comfortable option for both casual and formal events. Whether you're dressing it up for a special occasion or pairing it with jeans for a more casual look, this hand-painted lace and chiffon silk coat is sure to make a statement.

HandPainted Lace/Chiffon silk coat

SKU: OPU#029
  • Hand wash in luke warm water and a few drops of dish soap, rinse in cool water and hang to dry. press on back side with medium heat ,

  • Hand Dyed silk and cotton with hand painted metallic fabric paints. Added is a unique antique button.

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