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Art 2 Wear

                 While traveling throughout Europe many decades ago, I visited 

many Museum like the Louvre in Paris, France and was struct by the beauty of the art artifacts and exquisite textiles and knew that that was what I wanted to do is be a textile designer.

Arriving back home in Toronto,Ontario, Canada I signed up for two Colleges, for 6  years in both  Textile Design along with  Fashion & Knits. After Graduating with a Diploma in both these courses I moved out West to pursue this exciting  career in Fashion.

      For many decades, life pulled we away from my dream in pursuing  a successful career in Fashion in a cohesive way , but I was always stayed connected to my dream in creating beautiful vibrant clothing. 

During those times I was being tested in learning how to heal myself both physically and emotionally  

      I never gave up my dream or my passion for creating vibrant colours in my hand painting silks. My dream was to always transform these beautiful silks into  flowing elegant coats, dress's, poncho's and accessories from scarves to hair adornments.

       I just had to do it in a slower and more methodical ways while healing my body and learning to let go of these Traumas.

               Now I've healed and am exploring in this day and age, how to create a clothing line that will incorporate a line of healthy eco friendly clothing for all ages, that everyone of all ages and lifestyles will enjoy wearing my new sustainable clothing in all walks of their lives throughout the ages.

Warm Regards, (-;Donna

Enjoy! (-;Donna

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My Story

         My inspiration is to create for everyone of all sizes, colour and culture to create a flowing vibrant art piece that allows the garment to enhance the beauty of the body.

        I am inspired to create a beautiful vibrant colourful line of  silks that portrays  a classy elegant clothing line for all ages and occasions.

           I want my clients to feel special in my wearable silk art clothing and to wear them for all occasions throughout the year.

           Silk being the most breathable fabric that lends to change to the temperature of ones body, being hot will cool the body and being cold will warm the body.

Silk has always been worn in History by the Emperor of China, being the most regal fabric then and now. It is like wearing GOLD today, as it is a very expensive fabric, but one of the most durable fabrics that will surpass any other fabric for longevity.


           As an advocate for good health it makes sense to work with fabrics that help heal the body, rather than synthetics that makes both the planet and body sick .


           Synthetic fabrics throw off the meridians in our energy body that can cause chaos in the body, which is so important to wear only natural fibres.

Give yourself a treat and only buy the best for yourself, for you deserve wearing the best fabric which is SILK in al weaves and styles.

Warm Regards, (-;Donna 

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